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Mobile Nail Technician and Mobile Beauty Therapist.

I offer a variety of beauty treatments ranging from Bio Sculpture Gel nails, Biab nails, Nail extensions, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Intimate Waxing, Eyelash Tinting, Eyebrow Tinting, LVL Lash Lifts, Brow Lamination, Henna Brows, Spray Tanning. at convenient times to suit your availability and needs, appointments range from days & to evenings both during the week and at weekends.

I am experienced in working in several different surroundings and locations providing treatments for your specific needs ranging from being salon-based, nursing homes, group pamper parties, school fairs, hen parties, and a girl's night in.

Nails N Brows brings the salon to you.


Nail and beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home. 

Eyebrow designs

HD Brows

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is tailored to you – not a brow stencil in sight.

It’s so much more than a standard eyebrow tint and wax; hair removal and make-up application for bespoke brows that suit you.

Working with you to create your perfect look, whether your wish to tame bushy brows or regrow overplucked eyebrows.

HD Brows differs from many other eyebrow treatments as we don’t believe in a one-shape-fits-all ethos. Brows are as individual as fingerprints and so each step of the HD Brows treatment is completely bespoke from the personal consultation, shape design, tailoring and aftercare process. 

There’s also the option of an HD Brows Express treatment so, if you’re short on time or just need a tidy-up in between regular appointments, you can keep those bespoke brows fresh.

LVL Eyelash lift

LVL Lash Lift

Looking for something bold and beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and in minutes it’ll come to life. My job is to make you look brilliant for those everyday moments that turn into forever memories.

HD BrowSculpt

HD Brow Sculpt

Brow Sculpt is brow lamination with a bespoke HD Brows twist. Whether you dream of achieving that full, fluffy eyebrow look, want to create symmetry in uneven brows or tame unruly hairs, our BrowSculpt brow lamination treatment is for you. This corrective treatment helps you to achieve your desired position for up to 6 weeks.

If you have unruly, flat or downward growing hairs, eyebrow lamination can change the direction of growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch and a more desirable brow shape. Brow lamination lasts 4 to 6 weeks generally, with proper care allowing the brow treatment to last as long as 8 weeks.

hairs into your desired position, making them much easier to manipulate. It can also help to achieve instantly fuller-looking eyebrows using your existing hair. Whether you want to correct your shape, lift the hair, or both of these options, here are the benefits of our bespoke take on the brow lamination treatment.

Red Love Nail Extensions

Nail Services

Bio Sculpture has been creating high-quality gels for over 30 years and has accrued a renowned reputation for its commitment to education and professionalism.  

Bio Sculpture’s treatment gels are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free and even help encourage nail growth. 

Each gel is designed to create natural nails for a flawless manicure whilst keeping them strong and healthy. So, if you’re looking for high-quality nail treatment then Bio Sculpture has everything you need.

Evo Gel is a long-lasting, pigment-rich and easy-to-apply bottle and brush system with a high gloss mirror shine. Evo has also formulated 3 versatile bases which protect, build and enhance natural nails. Every gel is 100% vegan, and cruelty-free and the entire Evo system is designed to be compatible and complementary to sister gel, Bio Sculpture’s wide range of products.


Nail extensions are an overlay on your natural nails, whether that be Acrylic, Hard gel, Builder Gel, Fibreglass or Silk Enhancements.
Products are applied to the nail using tips or forms to add length or even try a different shape.



Hands are soaked, nails are shaped, and buffed, and cuticles trimmed.
The hand and nails are then exfoliated using Luxury Dadi'™ Scrub, a smooth, luxurious exfoliating, conditioning hand scrub with the same aroma as an award-winning Dadi'™ Oil, leaving your skin and hands soft, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Accompanied by a luxurious arm and hand massage all using luxurious Dadi'™ Lotion, a quickly penetrating, non-greasy hand and body lotion designed to increase moisture retention. 
Alongside a luxurious feel, the formula is salon tested and contains no sulphates, parabens or artificial colours. Vegan & Cruelty-Free ​- finished with your choice of normal nail polish and Dadi'™ oil to deeply moisturise the cuticle and surrounding skin.


Add on Gel polish for longer wearing, instantly dry nails. 
Nails are painted with light cured gel that gives a super-shiny gloss finish that can last up to three weeks (extra charge applies)

Upgrade to a deluxe manicure, Including everything as per a traditional manicure with the addition of heated mitts and skin nourishing mask using Dadi'™ lotion.

Foot Massage
Footlogix products


The Footlogix® luxury wellness pedicure offers clients a total foot care service. Even clients with challenging foot issues such as extremely dry skin or severe calluses and fissures can experience transformational results in a single appointment. Diabetic friendly, this signature Footlogix® treatment follows ten proven steps using Footlogix® professional products to evaluate and prepare the feet, exfoliate the skin, soften and condition cuticles, gently reduce calluses and rejuvenate, massage and beautify the feet. 

Feet are soaked and exfoliated, nails are shaped and cuticles tidied. Feet and heels are treated with Footlogix® callus spray and then buffed, a suitable Footlogix® mousse is applied depending on your foot condition, accompanied by a foot massage using The Footlogix®  Massage Formula.

Finished with your choice of normal nail polish and Dadi'™ Oil to deeply moisturise the cuticles and surrounding skin.


Add on Gel polish for longer wearing, instantly dry nails. Nails are painted with light-cured gel that gives a super-shiny gloss finish that can last up to three weeks. (extra charge applies)

Upgrade to a deluxe Pedicure, Including everything as per the traditional ® Medi Pedicure with the addition of heated booties encapsulating a skin-nourishing mask.

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