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Nail Services

Nails N Brows Mobile Nail Technician specialising in a variety of nail services ranging from Bio Sculpture, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel, Acrylic, Hard gel, Builder Gel, BIAB, Fibreglass or Silk Enhancements in Anerley, Beckenham, Crystal Palace, Penge and surrounding areas. 

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Bio Sculpture / Evo Gel

BIO SCULPTURE’s gel is vegan, cruelty-free and contains no dehydrators, primers or bonders. BIO SCULPTURE offers you a comprehensive prescriptive gel manicure which is tailored to your nail type and designed to improve nail health.


35+ years of experience focusing on and promoting natural nail health Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free Compatible BIO SCULPTURE and EVO Gel systems with a colour palette of over 400+ colours GEMINI nail polish range to match BIOGEL colours Fully prescriptive manicure that is tailored to your nail type. Creates strong, long, durable extensions Provides extra strength and support to nails 3+ weeks chip-free wear.


BIAB is a type of Hard Gel. Nails are shaped, prepped, and cuticles trimmed, BIAB product is applied as a natural nail overlay (to provide strength) or for short nail extensions.
Builder in a bottle comes in transparent colours or natural/nude.
Can be worn nude or added on a gel polish colour and design on top.
Great if you want to strengthen your natural nails but don’t want additional length.

Gel Nail Extensions

Nails are shaped. prepped, cuticles trimmed, Hard Gel/Builder Gel is applied in a few layers which are cured under a UV/LED lamp.
The application can be done on forms (sculpting) or tips.
if you are looking for a lighter version and more natural-looking nails.
Best for short – long nails.

Acrylic nails

Liquid and Powder Enhancement


The system consists of acrylic powder and liquid.

Nails are shaped, prepped, and cuticles trimmed, the nail extension then can be built on top of forms (sculpting) or a pre-shaped plastic nail tip.

Best for long – extra long nails.

Nail Repairs

All nail repairs are free within the first 3 days of service.
All repairs are chargeable thereafter.

Use cuticle oil at least twice a day and get regular nail appointments to maintain the beautiful look of your hands and nails.

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